Throwing a Pageant:

Throwing a beauty pageant for your community is an amazing way to create a cultural event for your town. It is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the women of your community.

1. Prepare all the contestants with pageant etiquette, give them the basics of how the event will run.

2. Bring in judges that will have a fair and unbiased opinion about the women who are competing.

3. Purchase awards and banners for the girls to wear.

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Running a Beauty Pageant:


Hosting a beauty pageant is a fantastic way to bring your community together to find the beauty in the girls of your community.

Beauty includes much more than just looks so it’s important to hire judges who deeply understand this. It is also important to promote this side of the pageant to your community so that everyone can get on board.

Another thing to ensure is that the judges you bring on hold no biases towards certain girls.

Of course equally important are the sashes and banners and you can get those in fantastic quality from

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Benefits of Pageant Competition Showcase Talent:


Pageants allow contestants to showcase their talent with other young ladies. Pageants are a great way to develop stage presence for women interested in singing or acting. Overcome Shyness: If being shy or self-conscious is problem for you entering a pageant may be the perfect way for you to overcome that and recognize your talents and natural beauty. Learn Skills: Pageants will allow you to learn and develop new life skills such as public speaking and social skills from interacting with other competitors. If you are interested in sashes, tiaras, or contestant numbers for your pageant, dance, or other special event please visit

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