Wearing your contestant number and sash without ruining your gown



Contestant number and sash

Every pageant you participate in will give you a number and a sash to wear. Sometimes they can get in the way of your outfit or potentially ruin them. Here are a few ways you can prevent that from happening.


A safety pin works best for pinning the number to your outfit. It won’t cause any damage to your gown and it ensures that it will not fall off. So that the number is visible but does not detract from you, place the number on your upper right hip.

Pageant sash

A double-sided piece of tape on the top of your shoulder will ensure that you sash will remain in place. Make sure to cut off any excess ribbon and that your sash is visible and not upside down.
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The Most Common Beauty Pageant Mistakes

1. Not smiling. Whenever you’re on stage, you simply must smile! Even if you’re not the type to smile much, smiling will make you seem friendly and likeable to the judges.

2. Only moving one arm. Holding one arm perfectly still while you’re on stage is a sure sign of being nervous, plus it also looks awkward! Train yourself to make sure you’re moving both arms.

3. Fidgeting with your clothes. A winner must be confident, and fidgeting with your clothing is definitely a nervous tick you need to conceal.

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Be a Prom Queen!

Sin título

How to get that Prom Queen Sash and Tiara

Every girl has imagined what it would be like to win that crown, but how can you get it? Here are some tips on how to become Prom Queen!

Be Friendly

It’s all about those votes, the more people like you, the more likely they are to vote for you – especially if they consider you a friend.

Get Involved

One way to get to know more people at school is to get involved in a wide array of activities, and it’s also a great way to boost your college applications!

But if all else fails, you can always get your own personal sash at Pageant Banners!

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3 Pageant Sash Design Tips


  1. Color Counts: Color coordination is key for pageant participants as well as event producers. Match your pageant’s colors with the sash awarded to its winner for a cohesive event.
  2. Fabric: Make sure to craft your sash out of a luxurious fabric to honor your pageant’s winner with a truly elegant prize.
  3. Typography: Consider the lettering you want to use on your sash carefully. Each typeface has its own feel, so choose lettering that best suites the tone of your event.

Do you need quality pageant sashes? Pageant Banners offers quality custom sashes, to help make your pageant a success.

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Homecoming is around the corner. BannersPlus in the Milwaukee area can help your dance stand out!


Order your custom sashes and tiaras as soon as possible

BannersPlus can have your Homecoming sashes and tiaras delivered days before the big game.

Create a buzz

When your students see the beautiful, custom sash and tiara prepped for the big night, they’ll start talking amongst themselves. With excitement in the air, you’ll find that your Homecoming festivities are the talk of the Milwaukee area. As the day inches closer and closer – the anticipation will get bigger and better.

BannersPlus is ready to help

With close to 20 years of experience in custom sashes and tiaras, BannersPlus can work with you to quickly put together a sensational design. And with six different styles to choose from, it won’t be hard to create a sash-and-tiara-combo that is unique, elegant and cost effective.

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How to Host a Beauty Pageant:


Hosting a beauty pageant is a great way to gather your community for an event that celebrates the beauty and intelligence of the women involved. Here’s how to get started.

– Schedule the event at least a month away.

– Check the weather leading up to the event so you know how to prepare the competitors.

– Advertise the event around your community.

– Set up a runway for the pageant.

– Choose 4 judges to judge the event.

– Purchase Pageant sashes from pageantbanners.com, no event is too big or small for us.

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Types of Pageants

2Glitz – Glitz pageants are the most expensive, time consuming and sophisticated pageants. They also offer the most money in prizes. Dress usually includes full pageant gowns and winners practice all year round, usually daily.

Hobby – Hobby pageants are more relaxed and help contestants build confidence. They are usually smaller, weekend events and dresses can be purchased from local dress shops.

Scholastic – Scholastic pageants usually have longer interview sections and the prizes are bonds or scholarships to be used in pursuit of a higher education, be it college or a trade certificate.

Natural – Natural pageants are the most relaxed and are aimed towards people who want to gain confidence and skills for public speaking. Prizes can range from a photography shoot to cash and trips.

At BannersPlus, LCC we provide beautiful custom sashes, banners and stoles, tiaras and crown pins, and contestant numbers and rosettes, for pageants and events of all sizes. No event is too big or too small!

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Throwing a Pageant:

Throwing a beauty pageant for your community is an amazing way to create a cultural event for your town. It is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the women of your community.

1. Prepare all the contestants with pageant etiquette, give them the basics of how the event will run.

2. Bring in judges that will have a fair and unbiased opinion about the women who are competing.

3. Purchase awards and banners for the girls to wear.

Find amazing pageant banners for your next beauty pageant from the team at http://pageantbanners.com/


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Running a Beauty Pageant:


Hosting a beauty pageant is a fantastic way to bring your community together to find the beauty in the girls of your community.

Beauty includes much more than just looks so it’s important to hire judges who deeply understand this. It is also important to promote this side of the pageant to your community so that everyone can get on board.

Another thing to ensure is that the judges you bring on hold no biases towards certain girls.

Of course equally important are the sashes and banners and you can get those in fantastic quality from http://pageantbanners.com/.

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Benefits of Pageant Competition Showcase Talent:


Pageants allow contestants to showcase their talent with other young ladies. Pageants are a great way to develop stage presence for women interested in singing or acting. Overcome Shyness: If being shy or self-conscious is problem for you entering a pageant may be the perfect way for you to overcome that and recognize your talents and natural beauty. Learn Skills: Pageants will allow you to learn and develop new life skills such as public speaking and social skills from interacting with other competitors. If you are interested in sashes, tiaras, or contestant numbers for your pageant, dance, or other special event please visit http://www.pageantbanners.com/

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